Who eats yogurt bell 100 years

Yogurt is milk fermented by bacteria , its lactose is converted to lactic acid . This , which might seem a problem, is the real reason for its success . Success to share with Elie Metchnikoff , a scientist who first noticed the Ukrainian longevity of the inhabitants of some villages in Bulgaria , as well as discover the most important part of their yogurt bacterium , Bacillus bulgaricus . He lived up to 71 years consuming unspecified amount of yogurt. One of the people who have lived longer in modern times , a gentleman by the name of turkish Zaro Agha who when he died in 1934 , had between 157 and 164 years , the longevity attributed to the large amount of yogurt eaten in her life.

The French love each other deeply yogurt. Although it was founded in Barcelona , Danone, for 60 years headquartered in Paris, is the world’s largest producer of dairy products . From the middle of the last century to treat a number of digestive problems French doctors prescribe yogurt and the alleged beneficial effects continue to be trumpeted in supermarkets on television. Earlier this year, in order to avoid a penalty, Danone has retracted the alleged health benefits of its products Activia and Actimel . An embarrassing thing that has not , however, affected the French love of yogurt.

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A rare example of a product from Asian origins perceived as “our”, the yogurt is also a great success in Italy, where , following the example of what happened in the United States , were born thousands of Yogurt , often organized in chains that distribute yogurt ice-cream , touted as a less greasy to the ice cream.

My favorite yogurt , slightly acidic flavor and more stable than the other , is extracted from sheep’s milk. As a good Tuscan consider the biological missed Fabbrie The farm I always use when I cook .

The lassi, the raita and tzatziki are tasty international recipes with yoghurt that sooner or later we must try .

The lassi is a traditional drink Asian than expected mango yogurt , honey and cumin seeds, which if you want you can add salt or sugar. Good and refreshing, it is also an excellent source of protein. The raita is a typical side dish in Indian cuisine , which accompanies many spicy dishes . The ingredients are the yogurt of course, and many ortatggi as chopped onions, cucumbers eggplant. The tzatziki , usually eaten in Greece before the actual meal is prepared with yogurt, cucumbers and garlic. Which are aggiungonte herbs like dill and mint flavored olive oil .

Of course it is not mandatory to buy yogurt at the supermarket or retail store , you can do at home without any major problems . Even if you do not have the yoghurt . But before I leave you to the recipe, I want to ask what is the yogurt of your choice , if you’ve never prepared at home and how it went.

Homemade yogurt .


    1 liter of fresh whole milk
    2 tablespoons of plain yogurt white


    1 pot with lid capacity of 3 liters
    1 food container with airtight
    1 strainer
    1 knitted wool that do not use



1 - Heat the milk in a pot over low heat until it forms a thin layer on the surface of the cream. Let rest . The milk must reach a temperature of 40 degrees. If you have a cooking thermometer use it , otherwise try to hold your little finger in the milk for 10 seconds timed. If there burned the temperature is fine.

2 - Pour 2 tablespoons of yogurt into the food container of sealing , which will add a few tablespoons of milk filtered through a strainer.

3 - Stir to blend the mixture . In the meantime, turn on the oven , set the temperature at 50 °, but only for 1 minute. In this way the oven becomes warm , which will help to ferment the yogurt .

4 - Pour the remaining milk , stirring well.

5 - Cover the container with a tight fitting lid and place in the oven wrapped by knitted wool. Close the oven and wait 8 hours without doing anything.

6 - Open the oven , check the consistency of yogurt, must be compact , and immediately put it in the fridge. It will keep up to 15 days .

Benefits of Greek frozen yogurt:

If you are tired of watery consistency than normal yogurt, consider moving on to the greek. The traditional greek yogurt was made ​​with sheep’s milk, but today means a greek yogurt yogurt filtered from the liquid during processing, leaving him with a creamy texture and rich. The greek yogurt also offers many health benefits as well as having a good flavor.

Rich in protein

The greek yogurt contains almost twice the protein of regular yogurt. After the whey was filtered during processing, there remain only the solid proteins, which makes the protein content higher and more concentrated. A cup of Greek yogurt contains 20 grams of protein, compared to a cup of plain yogurt that contains 12 gr.


The greek yogurt has a higher amount of probiotics compared to regular yogurt. Probiotics are live cultures that help maintain healthy digestion and strengthen the immune system. The regular yogurt contains at least two different types of probiotics, but the greek yogurt can contain up to 6 strains of probiotics.

Easy to digest

The high levels of probiotics contained in yogurt greek help to convert the lactose into lactic acid, making the greek yogurt easier to digest, especially for those who are lactose intolerant and can not digest easily as regular yogurt.

A few carbohydrates

The greek yogurt has fewer carbohydrates than normal, which makes it great for weight control. A cup of plain yogurt contains 16 grams of carbohydrates, while the greek yogurt contains only 9 grams or less.

less salt

The greek yogurt contains much less salt than normal, which makes it a healthier choice if you are keeping under control the consumption of salt. A cup of greek yogurt contains 65 mg disale, while regular yogurt contains 159 mg.